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Is it a boy or a girl? Only the cupcakes know! (the best baby gender reveal EVER!!)

There are two very different views when it comes to finding out a baby’s gender*.  Some people can’t wait to find out as soon as possible (generally around 18 – 20 weeks), while others prefer to keep it as a “surprise” until they deliver.  John and I are in the camp of “can’t wait to find out” and we did as soon as possible.  My mom was also with us at the ultrasound, and we immediately called the rest of our family to share the news with them.  Later on in the day, we also posted the news that we’re having a BOY on Facebook (of course!).

However, our good friends Andrea and Mike wanted the best of both worlds.  They wanted to know their baby’s gender but also wanted the element of surprise.  And so, to make their special day even more amazing, they decided to throw an intimate (immediate family only) baby gender reveal party.

After going for the ultrasound on Thursday last week, the excited parents-to-be, asked the technician to write out the baby’s gender on a card and seal it.  They immediately took the card to their friend, who is a baker.  The friend made them special cupcakes that would have either blue or pink filling, depending on the baby’s gender.

Mike and Andrea had to wait four days to find out the gender of their baby as the party wasn’t held until Sunday.  So…. was it blue? Or pink?  Watch this touching video to find out.  You can’t help but get excited and a little teary eyed.

Thank you Andrea and Mike for allowing me to share this amazing video with my readers.  We’re so excited for you!!

Did you find out right away or wait until birth? If you found out right away, how did you share the news with others?

*While still pregnant, not once the baby is born, as it’s been on display in the news lately (

4 thoughts on “Is it a boy or a girl? Only the cupcakes know! (the best baby gender reveal EVER!!)”

  1. Awwww!!! I totally got teary-eyed!!! What an amazing video and congratulations Andrea and Mike, you guys will be awesome parents. p.s. love the name 🙂

  2. I waited both times. But odd thing was my gynae said to us “he’s got his fathers nose” and so we thought it was a boy. But lo and behold we had a second daughter. Luckily we just brushed the old Doc’s comment off and didn’t purchase any blue things!

    1. Haha! I wonder how many times they say “he” and “she” but don’t mean it but it throws people off. Good thing you waited! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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