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Why can`t I just pee alone?!?!

For those of you confused by the title, you should know that I have an 18 month old son.*

When I was pregnant with Kyle, I heard that I wasn’t going to get much sleep or alone time with my husband.  But I was never told that I also wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom without the accompaniment of my son.  Of course when Kyle was a little baby, if he was awake or not in his crib, I could take him into the bathroom with me and put him in his bouncing chair.  But as he got older and more mobile, I assumed he should be able to continue to play wherever he is as I’m only an ear shot away.

Apparently, Kyle will not have it this way.  He shouts and screams and cries the minute I open the bathroom door if he’s not tagging along.  I even try leaving the door open for g-d sake.  But nope, it’s not enough.  He needs to be right in there with me.  The thing that kills me is that he has the same reaction even when my husband is home and he’s with him while I go to the bathroom.  I’m pretty sure it’s not separation anxiety, so what could it be?

Family Bathroom sign
Family Bathroom sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is he worried that I’m going to fall in?  Is Kyle actually being extremely brave and joining me in the bathroom to protect me?  Does he think it’s like Narnia where I might go through a black hole into a fantasy world with talking lions and other animals?  Although sometimes I wish that would be true, I have news for you Kyle – NOTHING EXCITING IS GOING ON IN THERE!!  So it can’t be that he’s jealous.   Maybe he’s curious?  I doubt it… his dad takes him in there when he pees, so he’s already seen what all the “glory” is about.  So what is it?  Is there any rhyme or reason to this behaviour?  Does anyone out there know?  If you do, PLEASE share it with me.  I would love to figure out this parenting mystery.

For now, I guess I will just have to wait until Kyle’s asleep to finally have the opportunity to be…uhhhh I mean…pee, alone.

*For those of you who arrived at this blog through a google search, I think you might be disappointed :).

14 thoughts on “Why can`t I just pee alone?!?!”

  1. We have the same problem with Yohai. I think he just looks for the atractions in the bathroom – a place he does not have an access to unless we open the door and let him in….

    1. Someone from our music class who has a 22 month old son said that they went through the same thing when their kid was 17 / 18 months. So I guess it’s a phase? Although she said it lasted for 2 – 3 months!! eeek…

  2. I too lack lonliness in the bathroom. It was around 18 months that Baby Eli was insistent that he accompany me at all times to the bathroom.

    18 months does commonly have a separation anxiety. They are just old enough to realize that fear of being left and the fear of being alone.

    Many times I would use that time in the bathroom with Eli as a launching board for teaching potty awareness, hoping it would lead to potty training.

    But sometimes I genuinely want just 30 seconds of mommy time. Many times I have been successful in handing Eli one of his favorite toys and waiting until he was engaged before I slipped away.

    Of course, my poor mother just exclaimed last weekend that the last time she peed by herself was 28 years ago….We will certainly have to work for a better record than hers 😉

    1. Good to know I’m not alone on this one. It’s kind of weird that he cries when I go to the bathroom even if my husband is there. But I guess it just means that he loves and trusts me…so I guess I can’t get too mad.
      I also try to teach him about going to the potty. but he’s more interested in seeing the water flush down. lol
      And OMG – why hasn’t your mom gone alone to the bathroom in 28 years? Does she have an infant baby of her own??? You got me all curious… And yes, I def. don’t want it to be that long for me. Please no… lol

      1. Baby Eli says as the water flushes, “Bye, water! See you later!” too funny!

        Haha! No infants for my mother. I guess the 4 kids just have impeccable timing when we need something. There’s constant knocking on the door and asking questions. I’m sure she’s exaggerating though 😉

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! The details of the award are on my page.

  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but my kid is 2.5 and bathroom privacy is not a part of anyone’s vocabulary. Especially now that he’s getting interested in potty training. Now I encourage him to come to the bathroom with me! Ahh, the joys of motherhood!

  5. I have an almost 4 year-old boy, a 2 year old monster and an 8month old princess. The bathroom is the only place where I can be alone. Mostly because I lock myself in it sometimes to get away. Just for a minute… don’t judge. Can I add you to my blog roll?

    1. not judging at all – trust me! I wish I could do that but my son would just cry harder. But after 7:30 at night, it’s all mine 🙂 Would love to be added to your blog roll. Thanks

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