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Top 10 signs you’re really sick…

10. Your house looks like a tornado went through but somehow you’ve convinced yourself it’s still fit for a queen and with a house this clean you’re not the least bit concerned if your child decides he wants to eat off the floor (see # 9 below). 9. You son dumps all of his raisins on the floor and rather than telling him to stop or clean them up, you’re quite happy he’s found a way to entertain himself. 🙂

8. You boss your husband around and he doesn’t say anything about it.*

7. You stay in bed for 2 days straight without watching TV or reading, and you’re not the least bit bored.

6. You don’t eat anything for 72 hours and you don’t care.  Under normal circumstances if you don’t eat every hour, you think you’re going to starve to death.

5. Antibiotics are your new best friend. You sleep with them at night to make sure you don’t lose them.

4. You cancel all three get togethers you had planned with your friends.  Three interactions with real adults in one weekend….. normally you have none!

3. You don’t go on your computer for TWO FULL DAYS and when you do, you’re shocked to see that not only does social media still exist, but it continued without you! How could you Facebook! I thought we had something special.

2. Your blog post immediately after a vacation to visit your brother and his family for the holidays, isn’t about your vacation, family or the holidays… but instead this totally hilarious and awesome top 10 countdown on being sick.

1. Things you say stop making sense.  The cute duck is back you rascal. No I don’t think ears are from space again. Monkeys!

*To your face 🙂

9 thoughts on “Top 10 signs you’re really sick…”

  1. 11. Being corrected by your 3 year old son “it’s not good night boon Mommy – its Moon!” try reading that with a sinus infection. I cry.

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