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Babymoon in Jamaica + Toddler

Going on a babymoon seems to be the latest trend these days.  During my first pregnancy, it never even crossed our minds.  We were doing a complete renovation on our house, and since Kyle was to be born in September, we spent most of the summer at the cottage.  That made it feel like enough of a vacation for us.

But this time around, I’m due at the end of January.  Which makes it seem like it will be a VERY long winter.  And since we don’t have as much on the go as we did two years ago, I mentioned the idea of a babymoon to my husband.

We found a great deal for a resort in Montego Bay Jamaica (via And since my husband and I couldn’t part ways with Kyle for a week, we decided that he should join us.  I guess it was a way for our family of 3 to enjoy some quality time together before we became a family of 4.  The resort, Sunset Beach, is family friendly and we upgraded to a beach cabana room with an exit directly to the beach.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Of course, a babymoon with a toddler isn’t as glamorous as a romantic vacation for two.  Here’s some pro’s and con’s based on our experience.


  • You can’t just go to any Caribbean island when you’re pregnant.  Locations are pretty important according to my Doctor.  Dominican shares its borders with Haiti which has a bad bug that apparently flows throughly between the two borders.  Mexico is worrisome because of the drinking water and Cuba was out of the question because of its relations with USA (i.e. we couldn’t get airlifted to the US in case of an emergency).  So we pretty much narrowed it down to Jamaica (Aruba, St. Marten, etc… were much more expensive).
  • You can’t really take advantage of the all-you-can-drink part of the all-inclusive when you’re pregnant.  That’s not to say that it’s the only reason I go on an all-inclusive, but it’s nice to have a cold beer while lying on the beach or a nice red wine with dinner at night.  Neither of which I was able to enjoy this time around.
  • Most excursions are out of the question because I was pregnant or because Kyle was too young.
  • Your only downtime is when your toddler naps; not when you’re tired.


  • You’re on vacation at a beautiful all-inclusive resort in Jamaica where the sun shines all day, even if the weather channel is calling for rain.
  • The food is amazing and you don’t have to worry about cooking for 7 days.  Same goes for cleaning.
  • You get to spend some quality time with your family with no interruptions from the every-day life events, including cell-phones and work related matters.
  • You’re getting some much-needed vitamin D to keep you going through the cold winter back home.
  • Did I mention you’re in Jamaica??

Other: ensure you have appropriate travel insurance that will cover you in case of premature labour or any other labour related emergency.  Also ensure it covers the cost of an air ambulance as they can cost up to $100,000 if you do require one.

What about you?  Would you or have you gone on a babymoon?  What was your experience?  Would you recommend it to others?  Did you travel solo (i.e. your partner only) or did you take the kids along as well?

2 thoughts on “Babymoon in Jamaica + Toddler”

  1. We didn’t take a babymoon with our first. I was on bedrest those last 6 weeks :/ But hopefully the next time we are in the baby way we can take some sort of babymoon. It does sound lovely and like a great excuse for a vacation. I would probably take my little man, just because I’ve never been away from him overnight. I tend to be pretty selfish with our time with him. 😉

    1. Originally we were going to do a 4 day vacation and leave Kyle with the grandparents. But then I convinced my husband to do a full week vacation by telling him we can bring Kyle with us. He was SOLD instantly!! lol

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