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Awesome work benefits for parents

Prior to my current gig as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I worked for a large, multi-national corporation.  While the pay was decent, the benefits were better.  Specifically, they had some great benefits to assist parents. You know, the work-life balance thing.  Beyond the standard paternity / maternity leave and top-up, and work-life-balance workshops, my work offered a flexible spending account.  We each had $1,500 a year that we could use for any of the following:

  • Contribute a portion to your RRSP
  • Use for professional services such as getting a Will made
  • Use for gym membership or for products that will help you stay fit (shoes, workout equipment, Garmen watch, etc…)
  • Use towards other services that will help with your work-life balance such as babysitter, snow plowing or grass mowing services.

When I worked there, we usually used the full amount to get a house cleaner.  I still contend that this is one of the reasons my husband and I never argue about anything.  Right before Kyle was born, we used it to get a Will made.

Another awesome parent-related benefit that was offered by my previous employer was $20,000 for parents who are adopting a child.  Adoption, as most of us can imagine, can be both emotionally and financially draining.  So this little bit went a long way for those parents who chose this route.  I completely commend my previous employer for being so forward thinking.

More recently, my husband found out that his employer provides a pretty awesome benefit for parents.  “Food for new parents” provides parents with a new-born $250 to be used for take-out food.  If you do some quick math, this is the equivalent of one meal a day for over a week.  MY DREAM COME TRUE!!  This is music to my ears and probably one of the best benefits I’ve ever heard of.  I can’t wait to use it already.

It’s great to see companies adjust their benefits to accommodate changes in our new formed family realities.

What are some of the best work benefits that you’ve ever heard of or received?

2 thoughts on “Awesome work benefits for parents”

  1. My employer, though not in any official capacity, has a very relaxed “work from anywhere” policy. It’s not an official benefit written up in a policy manual (it’s a small company, so it’s easy enough for him to do it this way), but as a parent working for him, it has been a God-send to have so much flexibility with my work hours. It has allowed me and my husband to put our son in a better preschool that is not so convenient because I don’t have to worry about being at work at a certain time and it has enabled us to move our daughter into the “local” French Immersion school. (It’s not that local. In fact, it’s completely out of our area, and it’s only half day SK, so I am using the benefit offered by my employer to stay at home with my daughter in the morning and go to the office in the afternoon without taking a chunk out of my wallet. I just work around my daughter’s schooling.)

    1. Nancy, that sounds so perfect. I think it’s everyone’s ideal to be allowed to work around their children’s schedule, and it looks like you’re able to do that. It’s great that your employer allows you to do that, no matter the size of the business and whether or not it’s formally written anywhere. I might hit you up to see where you work and if there’s an opening once I’m ready to go back to work 😉

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