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My favourite things for newborn babies

I may not be Oprah (okay, I’m nowhere near like Oprah), but I have my own list of favourite things.  Specifically, for newborn babies.  With the holiday season upon us, and the birth of our second child around the corner, it got me in the mood for some shopping! Okay, I’m always in the mood for shopping, but more so now…

Here’s a list of my favourite items (along with some input from my other mommy friends) that I think every parent of a newborn should have:

1. Velcro swaddle.  Kyle was a great sleeper and I attribute this to the fact that we swaddled him consistently.  In fact, we kept swaddling him until he was 6 months old!  A bit longer than most people would like to admit to, but hey, it worked (for all of us). Another one recommended by my friend is the Miracle Blanket.

2. Aden + Anais Muslin blankets.  Not only are they super soft, thin and breathable, but they have multiple uses including: stroller cover, nursing shield, summertime blanket, change table cover, and portable crib sheets.  Kyle is just over two years of age and we still use it.  I can’t wait to get the bamboo ones for our second child. In fact, I swear by anything made by Aden + Anais including their burp clothes and baby sleep sacks. 

3. Hooter hider / Bebe au Lait.  My favourite nursing cover that allows your to easily see your baby as they feed while hiding all of the important stuff.  It’s easy to put on and off and even after several washes, it holds its shape.

4. White noise machine.  Our favourite was the Sleep Sheep on the Go.  White noise is very soothing for new-born babies and we found that the sleep sheep helped prolong Kyle’s naps.  We also didn’t have to worry about tiptoeing around him while he was napping.  Small enough to take along for long rides or overnight away from home.  It can also be washed!! Other white noise machines noted by my friends include: Obus Forme sound machine. 

5. Baby carrier.  When Kyle was a new-born, nothing soothed him more than being carried around.  We had the Baby Bjorn and loved it (as did Kyle).  At the time, I didn’t know much about wraps and so I never used one.  I have since one a lot of reading on it, and realized how many benefits there are to wraps (vs. traditional carriers).  I can’t wait to use the MonkeyWear Wrap ( with our second baby.  Some other carriers / wraps noted by my friends include: Beco butterfly II, Ergo, Moby, and Je Porte Mon Bebe wrap. monkeywear

6.  Baby swing.  When Kyle was a baby, he was a terrible napper.  It seemed that the only way he’ll nap was in a swing.  Luckily, my parents bought us an awesome electric swing.  It provided me with some “free” time, even if he didn’t nap; he was usually content just being in it.  We have the I-Glide Baby Swing & Glider.  Some others recommended by my friends include: fisher price rock n swing, fisher price little lamb
swing, Snugabunny swing, and Graco forest friends.babyswing

My favourite response to my question of “what are some of your ‘must-have’ products for newborns?” was by the only male friend who responded.  He stated: A wife, earplugs, and booze. LOVE IT!!! 

What are some of your favourite must-have’s for newborns? Do you agree or disagree with my list?  I’d love to hear from you!

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