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My one year blogiversary!

One year ago I came up with a crazy idea to start my blog.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year and I can’t believe people are actually reading my blog.  At the time, I didn’t even know what a blog was; but I had so many stories to share and write about my life as a parent. When I first started, I was hoping that at least a handful of my friends would read my blog and that I would get a few followers (20 to be exact).  But here’s what has unfolded since my idea came to fruition.

Some of my favourite statistics about my blog are the search engine terms that directed people to my site.  Here are some of the funniest / weirdest search terms:

  • язык жестов (I have no idea what this means or what language it’s in or how Google determined that this is somehow connected to one of my blog posts)
  • mayans sleep deprivation (My name is Maya, but I have no relations at all to the Mayan tribe)
  • girl camping (I’m pretty sure I never wrote about girl camping)
  • so nice place (?!?!?!?)
  • just lying in bed all day (I’m pretty sure I’ve never written about this although I would love to).
  • only 16
  • how to make sure you’re really sick (I’m pretty sure I’m not a Doctor.  Hopefully no one actually looked to my blog for some advice)
  • strict ladies (mmmmmmmmmmm….)
  • the end (really?)

I’m so thankful to each and every one of my family, friends and readers who have been kind enough to read my ramblings since day 1.  I also want to send out a big thanks to my son Kyle; if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have a blog.  Lastly, my husband, who doesn’t mind me sharing stories about our family life, edits my posts, provides input and feedback (from a male perspective) and has supported me through this journey.  I hope to keep writing for years to come and hopefully will have a lot more entertaining stories for you as baby #2 arrives.

Thanks again!!!



12 thoughts on “My one year blogiversary!”

  1. Awesome Post! I can totally relate with your blogging journey as I am just a three months old blogger, still in the beginning stages 🙂 Your stats story is also interesting, funny as well. you never know what we would make the engines search for! 🙂 Happy One Year Anniversary.

  2. that’s amazing that your blog has grown so much in the past year. i’m only just discovering you so i look forward to the new year! just because i’m still finding my blogging way, how do you get so many people to read your blog – over 4,000 in one day??? i feel like it’s such a struggle to reach people. how? how? is there a secret?? i’ll give you ice cream..

    1. haha. That was a one time deal as I got freshly pressed. I wrote a travel post about skydiving. unfortunately, nothing about parenting 😉 most of my readers are my FB friends. I think bc they know me they can relate whether or not they’re parents themselves. your posts are. amazing. I’m sure you’ll reach tons of readers in no time. I also found that reading and commenting on other wordpress bloggers posts will help increase your followers and readers.

      1. what’s your flavor?? right now i’m in a big coffee mixed with chocolate phase complete with sprinkles and chips and marshmallows. it’s my happy.

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