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Have you seen my son’s pacifiers?

My 27 month old son is obsessed with his pacifierS.  The problem is, they keep disappearing on us.  I don’t know where they go or how they get lost, but they do.  I kid you not, but we’ve probably purchased over 100 pacifiers in his lifetime.  If you’ve ever purchased any before, you know they’re not cheap.  kyle1monthwpaciThe going rate is $10 for 2 (on average).  So if you do some quick math, we’ve probably spent invested somewhere around $500 on these plastic and rubber gadgets. I know what you’re thinking… “get one of those clips so he doesn’t lose them” or “just stop giving him pacifiers.”   Brilliant ideas and I should know because I’ve thought about doing both of these things, but it’s easier said than done.  First of… my son is smarter and stronger than he looks. He’s pretty up-to-date on what’s in fashion and what’s not, and apparently, the pacifier clips ARE NOT!  He immediately pulls them off his shirt so what we have left is a pacifier in his mouth with a clip hanging down from it.  Not useful at all.  kyle2monthswpaciI can’t stop giving him the pacifiers because he’s obsessed with them, and baby #2 is expected to arrive in about two weeks time.  As if I won’t damage this kid’s self-esteem enough (he’s a momma’s boy), to take away his one other true love (sorry Dad) would truly kill him.  Not to mention, I’m pretty sure one’s love for pacifiers are hereditary.  It’s no joke!  My husband John used pacifiers until he was 4 years old!!  johnpaci2In fact, I was told that when he was four, his parents only allowed him to suck his pacifier in his room.  So John would stomp his way to his room, sit on his bed, suck on his pacifier (with a “this is not fair” look on his face) and then leave his room when he had enough.  Also, John loved having multiple pacifiers at all time.  One in his mouth, and one between his nose and upper lip.  This is no easy feat people.  Go ahead, give it a try.. it’s harder than it looks.  Yet somehow, my son has mastered this magic trick without anyone showing him how.  Genetics – it’s sometimes stronger than you think! pacifier johnpaci3The other issues with taking his pacifier away from him is that as of a month or two ago, he’s demanding that he has two pacifiers within reach at ALL times.  One in the mouth does not suffice anymore.  As you can see, we’re not moving forward with this whole pacifier issue.  We’re regressing… even before baby #2 arrives. The current question is, do we introduce pacifiers to our second child?  Or do we forego it all together?  The reason we started with Kyle is because he was colicky baby and it really soothed him.  It also really helped him sleep better at night (at least it’s one of the reasons we attribute to his good sleeping habits).  I personally don’t care that he’s over two and still uses them, but it’s hard to get him to remove them for pictures, and he’s just that much cuter without them! DSC_0725 DSC00027

What was your experience with pacifiers?  Love or Hate them?  If you gave them to your child, when did you take it away and how?  Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated as we contemplate our move with baby #2.

8 thoughts on “Have you seen my son’s pacifiers?”

  1. Reese was exactly the same! It was right around this age I decided we needed to get rid of if. She had the same problem. Had one in her mouth at all times about 5 in her bed at any given time in case one fell out. I noticed her front teeth starting to move forward ( in a sort of bunny looking situation). That was it, time for them to go. We tried cutting the tip off ( a little cruel I know). Then we said the pacifier fairy was going to came and take them and leave her a gift. She was into this. We packed them all up in a gift bag and the fairy took them that night for the babies and left her a gift. After a couple nights of restless sleeps because she was so used to them everything was great. Joshua never liked them! Lol go figure

    1. That’s such a great suggestion Mandy. Kyle loves gifts. We’ll see if it works. But I’ll prob. wait until after baby #2 arrives. And you’re right, we’ll see if the new babe is even into them or not…

  2. Hey Maya!! Congrats on #2 on its way. Hope you are feeling good! As you know – we got rid of the paci when Li was only 5 months old. But, it has been replaced with the lovey bunny! We have the same issue with Li – but in our case its the bunny that she sucks on. It’s super gross, we own nine (lost 1 already) and have 3 in her crib at all time. I am constantly washing them. So its pretty much just as bad. I honestly can’t imagine her without them, and I know that at some point we will need to get rid of them. I have heard though that before age 3 is not the best time, since this is when so much is changing for them and they are gaining independence. I think it brings real security. She literally goes nuts when she see’s a dry one…it’s like her crack! Honestly, if you figure out a way to do away with them, let me know. I just feel so bad taking it away!

    1. Ya. That’s where I’m at too. If I figure something out I will let you know 🙂 For now… I’m contemplating what I should do with #2. Give or not give? I’ll probably give, but take away at 3 months if I see a similar trend reappearing. xoxo

  3. Maya, great post. I am not much on advice as only Amit took it and the older tow didn’t never wanted it. But i would for sure try it with the new baby you never know he might not want it. We gave it to Anael and it really does help her. I personally rather them use it then not. As for him being 2 and still having one I wouldn’t worry about Shmulik used it until about 5 hehe. I guess you have it from both sides.

  4. Congrats on your oncoming bundle of joy! I would suggest not to give the soother to baby#2 if you deem it unnecessary. Means, if the baby is just as comfortable without it and not crying or anything, don’t give it. With my second baby, I did not give it to her and she was completely okay with it up until she turned 6 or 7 months. Then, She showed the signs that she needed it and started chewing on her lips. That is when I decided to give the soother to her. But with my first one, I just gave the pacifier right away just so I thought it might be a requirement or something (yeah, go figure! completely my bad) and he just latched on to it. He is 3 now and still ON IT! We are going to take it away from him soon and prepping him already saying that he is a grown boy and all, going to play school and his girl friend (another cute little girl in his class) would laugh at him if she see him with the pacifier. I think he is thinking about it :).But bottom line, don’t introduce the soother to your new born if you don’t need it to. Why teach them bad habits already (like I did with my first one)! 🙂 I hope this helps…

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