I’ve recently been inspired, by other fellow bloggers, to expand my blog theme.  Yes, 99% of my life does currently revolve around my son and me being a mother.  But before that, I did have another life full of adventure and travel.  Don’t get me wrong, my life plus baby still allows me to travel and is still amazing, but the adventures are harder to come by, and travel is VERY different (although still amazing).  I decided to add posts about some of the amazing adventures and travels that I went on in the not so far past.  I hope that by sharing these stories and experiences with you, I will inspire you as you take your steps towards your next adventure, travel plans or parenthood!

Below is the original write-up I had on this page when I created it on December 16, 2011:

Born in Israel, and raised in Thornhill (Ontario, Canada), I now reside in Toronto with my husband and 15 month old son, Kyle.  I’m a stay at home mom who loves adventure and change (including the biggest one – becoming a mom).  Generally happy and optimistic, with a smile on my face but like everyone else, I have my bad days too.  Mayahood is about the exciting, always changing life of a mom, including its ups and downs.  Hope you can relate and share your experiences with me so we don’t feel alone in this crazy world of parenthood.

26 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Maya – love the topic of your blog – I think it really resonates with many of us who have had very adventurous and independent lives before children, managed to modify it somewhat during the kid’s early years (they love adventures too!), and remain inspired to recover that adventurous spirit once they become more independent. I used to do lots of wild long distance walking, mountains and camping – kids absolutely love camping – it is virtually free and endlessly entertaining. All we used to take for our kids when they were little were 2 toy dumper trucks. now they are older, they get to be in charge of making damper and the fire, and sleep in their own tent. THey get filthy and we generally go somewhere where they can swim as well, so it’s all good. My kids are 14 and 12 (my son started high school TODAY!) and last week I finally took myself off for a 7 day walk in the Tasmanian wilderness – the most I have managed before was a weekend. Getting out walking by myself reminds me of who I am, rather than just being someone’s mum, as much as I love that role too. And now I am writing full time – walking guidebooks! – which my kids accompany me on from time to time. Great fun.
    Will enjoy reading more,
    Take care
    http://walksmelbourne.com and http://50wordsfor50countries.com

    1. Hi Julie,
      Oh wow! What an amazing life you have. I am completely humbled and have a lot to live up to. Thanks for sharing your adventures with me. I will DEFINITELY pick up your walking guide WHEN (not sure when yet, but I know I will) I go to Melbourne.
      You are truly an inspiration. And thanks for reminding me that there is life after mommyhood 🙂
      All the best to you and yours. I am off to check out your blog next.

  2. Hey Maya, love your blog. I too have a penchant for travel and adventure, and also a son, who’s 2 years and 3 months old and SO much fun. He’s already a keen rock climber and a seasoned traveller 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of your exploits, both Kyle-centred and otherwise…

    1. Thanks so much! I would love it for my son to go rock climbing. When did your son start? Kyle’s already starting to do cart-wheels (with a little help from me of course). My husband took him skating on the weekend. He preferred to be held while my husband skated him around vs. skating on the ice (the skates didn’t fit him properly yet I guess). My in-laws are already day-dreaming about him water-skiing this summer. We’ll see 😉

      1. Jack’s been coming to crags climbing with us since he was a tiny baby so he just thinks that’s what everyone does! He loves it – the climbing itself and the being outdoors in beautiful places. So far he’s really just scrambling around at the foot of climbs and on boulders – still too small for a harness and proper shoes – but he’s already got the moves! Waterskiing, though – wow! Look forward to seeing some photos of that! 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping my thefamilybrand.org blog and liking it. Seems like your blog is new too and has great momentum. The family theme is universal. Kyle is a lucky little guy.

  4. Hello!

    Your blog is a god send. My family and I were running out of things to do and you have a ton of great suggestions. Thank you!

    My question is – are you aware of a subscription service where I could have tickets to certain types of events sent to me on a regular basis so that I dont need to keep hunting for them?

    Thank you,


  5. Hey Maya,

    I was wondering if you had any contact info as I’ve spent 20 min trying to find an email. I’m part of a company launching a new daily deals service and would love for you to partake in our beta.

    If you provide an email I can shoot over more info.

    thanks jesse

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