Giving hugs to baby brother December 2011
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Getting Pregnant 101 – Guest Post

My guest writer is Jenn, a loving wife and mother of two sweet boys.  She has written a beautiful post about the ups and downs of trying to conceive.  I’m so glad she is sharing her story with us, because I know there’s many people who have gone through this as and can relate.


You know it’s coming…you just finished walking down the aisle and have yet to enjoy the real honeymoon, when countless inquiring minds ask “so when are you having a baby?!” My husband and I had always been upfront about our intentions of having children to our family and friends. Our plan was to purchase our first home, enjoy some time together as a married couple and then take the plunge! Nevertheless, any time my husband or I came close to a baby, or dare I say hold a baby, we’d set ourselves up for scrutiny!

Fast forward a few years later; the house is bought, we feel that we’ve gotten a handle on married life, and decide it’s about that time. Easy, right? We never would have thought it would be another two years before we actually got to hold that sweet baby we always dreamed of in our arms. Continue reading “Getting Pregnant 101 – Guest Post”