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An ode to my Da-da for father’s day – by Kyle Fitzpatrick

The first and last person that Kyle sees every day is his dad (my husband), John.  It’s no wonder they have such a special and close bond.  For this year’s father’s day, Kyle wanted to do something special.  Here’s a poem he wrote to his Da-da.


Thank you for coming to get me out of my crib every morning when I wake up.  I’ve learned to call for you instead of Maya (aka mommy) because I think she’s too lazy.  She’s always asleep whenever we’re up in the morning and playing.  I mean, who sleeps-in after 6 am anyways?!? I digress…

I’m so glad that you taught me how to stick handle before I turned 2.  You know that goal (aka hockey) is my favourite sport, followed by home run (aka baseball).  I’m so happy that Maya bought us matching blue-jay hats.  I guess it’s cool that she has one too.  Thanks for taking me to the park almost every night to watch the kids play floor hockey.  It’s my favourite part of the day.  I know you say it’s good to let Maya relax, but I think you just want some alone time with me and I don’t mind.  I want some manly time with you too.

I’m glad that you’re over the whole “no junk food for the kids” rule.  I know that you try eating dessert after dinner each night, but I always catch you.  It would be nice if sometimes you let me eat the whole piece instead of just giving me a portion and you eating the rest.  But I’m just glad I get something, especially since Ice-cream is my favourite food-group.  I’m okay with the no sugary-cereal rule.  Plain Cheerios are my favourite anyways.

Thanks for trying to teach me how to dance, but I think I’ll take my cues from Maya.  I’m not saying she’s great, but she’s a whole lot better than you.  I do however love dressing just like you.  I’m glad that you like it too because I heard Maya say that you hate it when she tries to coordinate clothes with you.

I think it’s cool that sometimes you have to fly or take a taxi to work.  But my favourite part of every day is running to the door when you’re home.  I’m not sure about the whole lifting me into the lights part, but you seem to enjoy it, so it’s fine with me.

Mostly, I want to thank you for being the best da-da in the world.  I couldn’t have picked a better one myself.  All I want to say is “GA” (aka: I love you sooooo much, happy father’s day).

Your favourite son, Kyle

*This blog post has not been edited by John as I wanted it to be a surprise for him.  I apologize in advance that it’s not as funny as it could have been.