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With several friends expecting between July and September, the time for the baby showers has finally arrived.  A few weekends ago,  I attended two very different, but very special baby showers.

With four of our close-friends all due within two months of each other, we decided to throw a “group” baby-shower, hosted by six of the girls in the group.

Soon-to-be moms in order of due date

We made brunch reservations at a local restaurant called Joy Bistro in Lesliville (btw – great brunch spot for those of you in the area).  We decorated the tables and enjoyed some girl time while cheering (sans alcohol of course) the moms-to-be.  As for the gifts, we all put in money towards a gift-card and we bought each lady a onsie with the baby’s last name.  Everyone just loved this personalized, unique gift (from

All of the ladies

After brunch, I quickly headed up to my second baby shower.  The theme was “high-tea” and was hosted by my friend’s mom and mother-in-law.  The beautifully decorated back-yard looked very elegant and sweet.  With tables, chairs and tents set up, servers went around filling up people beautiful tea-cups with different tea and ensured that our platters were full of the delicious food that was served throughout the event.  Specifically, the menu included: Mini Scones, Quiches, gourmet Tea sandwiches, miniature Desserts & Fruit Plate.

Various games were played throughout the event including; 1) Guess how many tea bags are in the jar (total was the month and day the baby is due) 2) match pregnancy terms to candy name, 3) guess how big the belly is using string, 4) baby clip game where you can’t say the soon-to-be mom and dad’s name or baby 5) a scratch card game and 6) poppy diaper game lottery.  The detail put into these games was amazing.  My best-friend and I told each other that we want a due-over on our baby showers (and yes, we each hosted one another’s shower).

At the end, the amazing cake was brought out.  It was too cute and very special (hello – a baby in a tea cup).  Of course, each guest left with a parting gift.  A tea bag holder with a tea bag that was created especially for the shower.

What a special filled day for all of the soon-to-be moms.  I can’t wait to meet all of the little ones and for Kyle to have some new friends* 🙂

* Special congratulations to Andrea and Mike on the birth of their son Grey (July 7th, 2012).

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We missed the (baby) boat

My husband and I apparently missed the baby boat.  Or in our case, we jumped ship too early.  As it turns out, we know 17 couples that are expecting their first child between now and August.  Apparently the Mayans had it all wrong.  2012 is the year of the baby!  I guess this shouldn’t surprise me since we attended 12 weddings in 2009 (including our own), 14 weddings in 2010 and 7 weddings this past year.  As well, we’re (hopefully) expecting to receive some additional baby news from more of our friends.  Let the baby showers begin 🙂

Kyle (12 weeks pregnant)

Granted, of the 17 couples we know, six are acquaintances, four live out of country and one lives out of province.

There are of course pros and cons to this.


Kyle will be between a year and a half to almost two years older than most of these babies.  That means, after their birth, it’ll be another year and a half at least until Kyle will have more “play friends”.


  1. We don’t need to look for new friends!
  2. Our friends will finally understand what my blog posts and baby ramblings mean.

Of course I’m just kidding.  It will all be positive!  We’re so excited and happy for our family and friends to begin this new journey of their lives.  We love every second with Kyle and we wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.  If anything, this is making me think that we should start thinking about baby #2 soon!*

PS. As of posting date, three of our friends had their baby. Congrats to Sari and Scott on the birth of their son, Katie and Pete on the birth of their daughter and Carmi and Jeremy on the birth of their daughter.

*John just fell off his chair reading that!