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The Two Million Dollar Family

I’m always writing about some of the challenges that I’ve encountered to-date as a parent to one kid; now imagine four! Last week, my husband, son and I all flew to Edmonton to visit my brother and his family. They had just welcomed home their 4th child two weeks previously.  It also happened to fall on the Jewish holiday of Passover which made the dinners even that much more special. My brother’s kids are 6, 3.5, 1.5 and 0.08 :). However stressful and chaotic their home might be, my brother and his wife don’t skip a beat. It’s as if they’ve done this four children thing their whole life. Continue reading “The Two Million Dollar Family”
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Is it a boy or a girl? Only the cupcakes know! (the best baby gender reveal EVER!!)

There are two very different views when it comes to finding out a baby’s gender*.  Some people can’t wait to find out as soon as possible (generally around 18 – 20 weeks), while others prefer to keep it as a “surprise” until they deliver.  John and I are in the camp of “can’t wait to find out” and we did as soon as possible.  My mom was also with us at the ultrasound, and we immediately called the rest of our family to share the news with them.  Later on in the day, we also posted the news that we’re having a BOY on Facebook (of course!).

However, our good friends Andrea and Mike wanted the best of both worlds.  They wanted to know their baby’s gender but also wanted the element of surprise.  And so, to make their special day even more amazing, they decided to throw an intimate (immediate family only) baby gender reveal party. Continue reading “Is it a boy or a girl? Only the cupcakes know! (the best baby gender reveal EVER!!)”