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Bizzy Bee Playcentre – Giveaways – winners selected: Frillygirly & Reejsaad

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest.  The winners have been selected!  Frillygirly won entrance to the Princesses in Training workshop on April 28th and Reejsaad won one free day of summer camp.  CONGRATULATIONS! (Please e-mail me at for details on how to claim your price).

A few weeks ago, on a dreary weekend day in Toronto (unlike the weather we’re currently experiencing), my husband and I decided to hit up a local play center with our son Kyle. It was too cold to play outside, so we were stuck in-doors or running around doing errands most of the weekend until we realized we didn’t do anything “fun” for Kyle. So we got in our van and headed to Bizzy Bee Play center in the Beach. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  Bizzy Bee was vibrant with happy kids playing with every kind of toy imaginable, going down slides and running around with enormous  grins on their faces. It wasn’t hard to see why the kids were having so much fun, the place was FULL of toys, activities and crafts. Everything was kept nice and clean and tidy considering the amount of kids that were there. Brenda, the owner, an early childhood educator, ensures that the place is kept safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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