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For the good of Momdom

My beautiful and talented friend, Yasmine, has graciously offered to write a guest post for my blog; offering a new perspective on all things motherhood.  A wife and loving mother of one of the cutest little boys I know, here is her story:


When Maya said she was looking for a guest blog I quickly deleted her email. Too much pressure! Then I was on the subway and thinking about a topic Maya hasn’t covered on this blog. I realized she would never cover it because I don’t think she faced this issue… So I decided to write for all the moms-to-be and new moms and old moms for that matter. I had to write this for all of Momdom.

I was part of Maya’s mommy group and one of my most vivid memories is sitting down at our first gathering and someone saying:  Is anyone else headed for divorce? When we all started chuckling (except maya*). I felt the weight of a future custody battle lift off my shoulders. Continue reading “For the good of Momdom”