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Why this 8 month-old baby needs your support!

Strolling my son down the street on Sunday I bumped into my neighbour.  After a few chit-chats, she held back some tears and told me about the horrific ordeal that her family is facing.

Her daughter recently flew to Greece for vacation with her husband and two small children.  My neighbour’s youngest grandson, Alexander, at 8 months old, started to show cold-like symptoms.  After several treatments and visits with the Doctors in Greece, he was officially diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy.  Unfortunately, he heart surgery that’s required to help Alexander is not available in Greece for children under the age of 5.

While it is (thankfully) available here in Toronto, the cost to fly baby Alexander here via air ambulance costs $100,000.  The family does not have travel insurance to cover this cost nor do they have the money to pay for this from their own pockets.  This is where you can help out.

Global Angel Charitable Organization is assisting in making all the arrangements for Baby Alexander’s return to Toronto.  Donations can be made online at: or by calling them at: 705-740-2645.  Tax receipts will be issued for your donation.  Even if all you can afford is a dollar or two, any amount will help if we get enough people to donate. 

You can watch the family’s plea for help on CityTv @:

and on Global news @:

You can also follow their story and receive updates on the following FB page:

Below is the information sheet put together by the family


8 month old Canadian baby critically ill in Greece requires immediate lifesaving treatment in Toronto

A Toronto family’s visit to Greece has taken a tragic turn when eight month old Baby Alexander developed cold-like symptoms and was taken to the hospital in Greece.

After repeated assessments Baby Alexander has been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which his heart has become weakened and enlarged. As a result, his heart cannot pump enough blood to the rest of the body and without medical treatment in Canada, this will be fatal.

Sick Kids Hospital have accepted Baby Alexander when he comes back to Toronto however there is no insurance coverage or sufficient monies to provide for the cost of bringing him back home to Toronto where he can receive life-saving treatment.

Global Angel Charitable Organization is assisting in making all the arrangements for Baby Alexander to return via air ambulance with a specialized medical team at a cost of $100,000.00

Donations can be made by or by calling the Global Angel Charitable Organization at 705-740-2645. Global Angel Charitable Organization is a Registered Charity that offers valuable support to persons and families who requires medical transportation.

A Scotia Bank account has also been open in baby Alexander’s name:

Alexander Karanikas

Account # 87916 01362 20

You can watch our plea for help on CityTv @: