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My son and I are on a first name basis

At our home, I speak Hebrew to our son and my husband speaks English.  So when we were deciding what we wanted him to call us, naturally John wanted to be called Dad or Da-da and I wanted to be called Ima (mom in Hebrew).  When Kyle was born, we repeatedly told him who we were. Me, Ima and John, Da-da.  Of course, it wasn’t until Kyle was over a year before he said any real words.
I don’t want to brag, but Kyle’s first word was Ma-ma.  Not exactly Ima, but he actually meant me when he said it (not his favourite toy or stuffed animal, but me, really!).  His second and third words were Ball and Goal, respectively.  About a month ago Kyle started calling me by my first name.  It wasn’t just a simple Maya but usually, it was a very demanding, loud cry for help that sounded like MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYA!!  And from then on, it was “Maya, Maya… Maya,…Maya, Maya, Maya…Maya!” Continue reading “My son and I are on a first name basis”