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The worst kids book ever, and not because it’s about the Maple Leafs

Lucky for us, Kyle LOVES books.  He can literally sit down for a full hour and listen to me read book after book.  I actually read the entire page, no short-cuts, from start to end.  If anything, I’m the one that has to ask him if it’s okay to stop reading books because I just can’t continue reading out loud after an hour.

To fill his love for reading and books, I always seek out new exciting books for him to read.  My parents hunt for all Cat in the Hat / Dr Seuss books, and I search for books that relate to his most recent love and hobbies (i.e. anything to do with sports).books2

We probably own close to 200 children books and they are literally scattered all over our house as we never know when the mood might strike.

There is one book that I purchased that I just HATE.  It is really one of the worst children books that I’ve ever read.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit it because it’s a Canadian book and it’s about the Maple Leafs.  But there’s just no sugar-coating around this one.  It’s a major failure, and here’s why: Continue reading “The worst kids book ever, and not because it’s about the Maple Leafs”

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Are we raising the next Sidney Crosby?

While my husband and I (okay, mostly my husband) are completely devastated that our beloved Leafs, or any other Canadian team for that matter, didn’t make it (far) in the playoffs this season, we may soon have another reason to cheer.

It appears that our 19 month old son is slightly obsessed with hockey. Every morning when he wakes up, he immediately heads downstairs, grabs his two little hockey sticksand net, and says “Goal” while heading to our front door. Yes, that’s right, he wants to go and play hockey! Not to mention, “Goal” and “Ball” were two of the first four words he learned to say. Continue reading “Are we raising the next Sidney Crosby?”