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What I really want for mother’s day this year

Mother's Day card
Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a blogger, I’m always checking out a lot of other blogging sites and local mommy sites. The trending topic these days is “what is your ultimate mother’s day gift?” Most people have answered with something along the following lines: Hugs, snuggles and kisses from my kids. Or, spending the entire day with the kids. And while I generally agree that hugs and kisses from my son are amazing and spending time with both my husband and my son are my favourite days, it’s not what I want for a mother’s day gift.

I mean, I receive the hugs and kisses daily. I’m a stay at home mom and I sneak them in (wanted or not) at least 100 times a day if not more. I also love my husband to death, and I’m very fortunate that we get lots of time together either at night after Kyle’s asleep and on weekends.

What I REALLY WANT for mother’s day this year is: ALONE TIME!*

There, I said it… I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful mother, but that’s the truth. I’m not going to sell you on a story about hugs and kisses (which I have to re-state that I cherish and love receiving). I would just love a day for ME! Here’s how I picture it:

Me, alone (did I say that already?), in a nice hotel (doesn’t have to be far from home) where I can lie in bed for as long as I want (both day and night), order in room service (no cooking? Yes please!) and hang out in the hotel’s spa getting a massage, facial or body wrap. Either one or all of those things would do.

While I do crave some alone time, I know that while I “relax” alone in my ‘fantasy’ hotel, I will be thinking back to my husband and son. I will be wondering and thinking about all of the fun things that they are doing together and I know I will be sad to have missed it all. I never want to miss out on the fun, and I know I will be anxious to get back to see them as soon as I could. So while alone time is needed, I may need to find another option that allows me to spend some time with my two boys as well.

Happy mother’s day everyone! What are you doing (or wish you were doing) to celebrate?

* John, if you’re reading this I would also settle for Jewelry. 😉

6 thoughts on “What I really want for mother’s day this year”

  1. Maya, I so hear you on the alone time…. It is so needed and so tru that all you think about is your kids and what they are doing…. Hope it will be a nice day so we could spend it outside. Have a graet Mother’s Day. Kisses to Kyle..

  2. I am SO with you on the alone time. But, even as I say that, i would be just like you–wondering what they, at home, were doing. For me, I wouldn’t be as interested in a spa day as I would be in working on some of my creative projects without having to stop to change a diaper or find a binky.

  3. Before becoming a mom I would roll my eyes when a woman was happy to receive kitchen equipment or household items for their birthday, christmas or mother’s day. But now: I TOTALLY GET IT! What I would love to get for mothers day is one of 2 things: a digital sewing machine (to replace the $25 one I bought myself when in college) or a hand-held cordless mini-vacume (no more crumbs in my car!) *lol* I never thought I’ve say it, but THAT’s what I want for mothers day 😉

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