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Sports! From the Girl’s Corner

The saying “and from the girl’s corner…” is a familiar one in my household.  My husband, an avid sports lover, likes to use that term whenever I make a sports-related comment or question that usually has nothing to do with what is actually going on in the game.  To be fair, he doesn’t mind that I watch sports with him and he doesn’t mind that I ask questions, he just thinks that some of the questions I ask are a bit “ridiculous”.  The thing is… I don’t really care if the Jays lost because they’ve had a string of injuries or that the Leafs can’t win because well…. from what I understand you can pretty much blame anything for this one?

I do like watching the games though and I like them more when I understand the rules of the games.  There are however, some rules that I still, no matter how many time they’re explained to me, will never understand. First example: Icing. I don’t know how many times have I seen icing called and I still couldn’t for the life of me explain this mystery “icing” rule to my son.  Second example: When a baseball player strikes out but ends up running to first because the back catcher didn’t catch the ball. What is that all about?


Third example: All of football.  This is probably my least favorite sport to watch (Superbowl excluded).  I honestly have no idea how anyone, including the players, understand the rules to football. If my husband is watching football I immediately reach for a good novel (Ok I reach for my phone to check Facebook – stop judging!).

Here are a few things about sports that do interest me (these will probably give you a good indication why my husband comments “from the girls corner”):


– Why, after all these years, must hockey players put tape around their socks?  Hasn’t the game and fashion evolved enough over the years to find an alternative method that doesn’t require tape?  Imagine if basketball players were caught taping their uniforms.  They would be laughed at!hockey tape

– Once I pointed out to my husband that the Football players were wearing pink (shoes, sweat bands, etc…) in support of breast cancer.  He didn’t know this!  To be fair, he is colour blind, so he might not have even known that they were wearing pink… but I digress.

– I’m soooooooooo happy the Blue Jays have new uniforms with their original logo.  Much nicer than the previous “modern” Jay logo.  Good-call guys!blue jays

– Why are guys sooooo against spandex, but it’s completely okay for football players (who tend to be huge and very masculine and muscular) to wear tights as part of their uniform?  Not that I’m promoting the wear of spandex by men on a regular basis, but I’m just saying!

Personal Care / work benefits:

–  If a player gets seriously injured and can’t play anymore, do they get a large payout?  It’s just that most of them don’t likely have post secondary education or a back-up plan.  Their poor mothers.

– I couldn’t watch my son get hurt playing hockey. Again, how do their mom’s do it!


You know how you can choose to watch certain shows in Spanish or in described video…. Why can’t I push a button that changes the commentary from a couple of boring guys telling me exactly what I’m seeing on the screen (Player X passes to Player Y. Player Y Shoots. Save! Ummmmm Yea I know, I’m watching the same game you guys are) to maybe a couple of ladies who are providing entertaining girls commentary. You know, talking about the best looking guys on each team, who’s dating who, what players don’t get along etc… So much more royal nhl lockout

Am I alone on this?  Or does anyone else feel like they get the “from the girls corner” glare from their significant other every once in a while?  Or are you the one giving it out?  What are some of the “funniest” comments you’ve ever made or heard while watching sports?

4 thoughts on “Sports! From the Girl’s Corner”

  1. i’m impressed you watch and know enough to be baffled by some of the rules. over in my girl’s corner, i’m reading my kindle. i can be enticed to look up for a replay and nod appreciatively. i’m trained like that. 😉

  2. I know I’m really behind the times on this one, but I’m catching up on email 🙂 I needed to comment because I’m totally in the same boat, especially with football. Is this not the most complicated game ever?! I really think it would take me longer to learn than to become profficient at chess. And- how boring is it that there is never more than 30 seconds or so of consecutive ‘play’- that stupid whistle keeps interrupting. Luckily, we are not a football watching household- phew.

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