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My love for flyers 2.0 – FlyerFlo Review & $50 Metro GC Giveaway (open to all residents of Ontario, CDA)

A friend of mine, who was my roommate a while back, introduce me to the fun of flyers over five years ago.  Fast forward and I have to say that I’m like a little kid come Thursday night. The local newspaper arrives filled with flyers.  I look through each one and before I know it, they’re scattered all over the floor.  Most recently, my son has joined my hobby.  Of course, he’s mostly interested in the Toys R Us flyer or any flyer that has toys in them.

While I despise couponing, I love flyers.  I love comparing the deals the various companies have and seeing what I may need / want that I haven’t realized I needed yet.  To say the least, Friday is definitely my favourite shopping day.

However, what I hate is going into a store, and asking the employees there if the item I’m holding in my hand is the one advertised in their flyer and getting a stare blank back from them.  To be fair, they’re not paid enough to remember the weekly flyer by heart (I guess), but it’s frustrating as a shopper.  ENTER FLYERFLO.

FlyerFlo is a great new free app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that allows you to view all of the weekly flyers of your local stores with the touch of your finger.  No more schlepping around flyers with you to the store and no more memorizing the deals.  You can access all of your favourite deals from your favourite companies immediately.

I was so excited to try out FlyerFlo that I downloaded it immediately on our iPad and my husband’s iPhone.  Lo and behold, all of my favourite flyers were easily accessible including Costco, Metro, Canadian Tire, and Walmart.  My husband had to pry his phone away from me as I was so into it.  I think my print flyers are in trouble… not to mention, this is more environmentally friendly.  Lets be honest, everything is moving towards a paperless society for several reasons.  So it’s time we all embrace this new reality.  What are you waiting for… download this app immediately!  I promise that you will fall in love with it.

As a stay-at-home parent (or for any parent really), there’s nothing more important than saving money on your must-have and favourite products.  FlyerFlo provides me with all of that and more.


FlyerFlo and Metro Fresh2Go ( have teamed up with Mayahood Blog to provide one lucky reader with $50 to spend at Metro.   

To enter this contest, you need to do one of the followings.  The more you do, the more entries you will receive in the draw.  Kindly leave me a message at the end of this post to let me know which of the following activities you have completed.

1. Like Mayahood on Facebook

2. Like FlyerFlo on Facebook

3. Like Metro Ontario on Facebook

4. Follow Mayahood Blog on Twitter (@fitzpatrickmaya)

5. Follow FlyerFlo on Twitter (@FlyerFloInc)

6. Tweet the following: I want @fitzpatrickmaya and @FlyerFloInc to give me a $50 Metro Gift Card!

7.  Leave a comment to let us know what you would buy from Metro if you won the $50 Gift Card.

Contest deadline is Sunday January 27.  Open to all residents of Ontario, Canada.  Good-luck!

59 thoughts on “My love for flyers 2.0 – FlyerFlo Review & $50 Metro GC Giveaway (open to all residents of Ontario, CDA)”

  1. This Metro gift card would be amazing since my office is so close to this store. I would use it to buy lunch there, especially their hot items like the roast jerk chicken yum!

    Maya, I have done 1, 2, 3, and 7 of the above to enter this contest 🙂

  2. Hey Maya! Thanks for this post. Like you, I love flyers but gave up on them some time ago given the weekly environmental waste. This app is just what I need. Especially with two LOs. What would i buy? More diapers 🙂 Btw, I did 1-7 above.

    1. Sorry I forgot to mention what I would buy. This would go along way since I’m in school. I would probably be buying the necessities and such

  3. Hi Maya! I too LOVE flyers. This is a great app. Thanks for sharing!
    I would use the $50 giftcard to purchase some healthy dinner options at Metro. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂
    1. Liked Mayahood on Facebook (Jen Wilson)
    2. Liked FlyerFlo on Facebook (Jen Wilson)
    3. Liked Metro Ontario on Facebook (Jen Wilson)
    4. Followed Mayahood Blog on Twitter (@jnjxtra)
    5. Followed FlyerFlo on Twitter (@jnjxtra)
    6. Tweeted (@jnjxtra)
    7. Left a comment

  4. I love flyer flo. You have no idea how many times I’ve used this app. It’s one if my FAVs I check it daily!
    I will be adding it on all my social networking sites. Twitter , Facebook etc

    1. Did the following – 1. Liked Mayahood on Facebook
      2. Liked FlyerFlo on Facebook
      3. Liked Metro Ontario on Facebook

  5. Love this app as I am a real flyer freak and you know it is pretty sad when Thursday comes around and you look forward to receiving them. Now I don’t have to wait and co directly to the flyerflo app, truly amazing. I have ompleted steps 1-3 and would buy groceries for my so called starving children in their eyes, four of them ages 11 and 12.

  6. I would buy some fresh fruit , or maybe some meats for supper, or maybe some snacks for kids lunches, or maybe a delicious dessert ( yumm)…so many choices.

  7. Since all 3 of my children love seafood my husband and I included, I would use the gift card to purchase as much as we could.

  8. Hi there!

    I competed all the tasks except the last one. For some reason my Twitter is acting up.
    I’ll try the last one again tomorrow.

    I hope I win!


  9. 1. I liked Mayahood on Facebook (Christie Huynh)
    2. I liked FlyerFlo on Facebook
    3. I liked Metro Ontario on Facebook
    4. I followed Mayahood Blong on Twitter (@ceecanales)
    5. I followed FlyerFlo on Twitter
    6. I tweeted “I want @fitzatrickmaya and @FlyerFloInc to give me a $50 Metro Gift Card!”
    7. I am leaving this comment to let you know what I would buy if I won the $50 Gift card.
    I would buy a lot of fruits, candy, cookies, pizza and cake!!!

    Fingers crossed I win! 🙂

  10. 1. Like Mayahood on Facebook (Gillian Tait)
    2. Like FlyerFlo on Facebook (Gillian Tait)
    3. Like Metro Ontario on Facebook (Gillian Tait)
    4. Follow Mayahood Blog on Twitter (@missterclean)
    5. Follow FlyerFlo on Twitter (@missterclean)
    6. Tweeted:
    7. If I won the $50 Metro Gift Card I would use it to buy baking supplies as I’m an avid baker, and it becomes expensive to keep up the hobby on a student’s budget!

  11. I would use the 50 to buy crab! My son has just turned 13 and is eating me out of house and home that is why i am using flyer flo now! Lol crab is his favorite food

  12. I heart flyers. My mailbox says ‘more flyers please’
    I am happy to now have them digitally with this app. I have completed 1 2 3 4 5 and am attempting to learn to cook while on mat leave so I would buy groceries with the gift card. (And prepared food to replace the potentially burnt dinner I prepared. )

  13. I have completed 1 and 7.
    I would buy more baking supplies because I’m trying to get away from buying over packaged over processed lunch snacks for the hubby 🙂

  14. If I were to win, all I’d want is to have my grocery bill paid for whether part or all of it!…not looking for anything different just the bill paid for, that’s all! Thanks!

  15. I liked on facebook
    Have enjoyed flyerflo since it ftrst was available,
    excellent app and so convenient!
    I would purchace lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

  16. I have liked metro Ontario in Facebook. This is great easy way to enter a contest. Thanks and have a great day.

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